For the love of art, fashion, and creative self-expression.

Having accumulated several years experience as a graphic designer, I realized that my artistic talent could be better utilized towards a venture of my own, a business making handmade products. After my daughter’s loss, I sketched a necklace that I dreamt of creating in honor of her memory. After this experience, I realized the value of capturing moments and memories using jewelry. There is a sense of bringing awareness to the purpose of a jewelry piece when putting it on; this transforms accessorizing into a spiritual experience.

I became inspired to create keepsake jewelry items to help others remember and commemorate all of life’s precious moments.

As a jewelry designer, I create beautiful handmade jewelry for all occasions. There is nothing I love more than sharing a piece of my handmade jewelry with someone who feels a deep sense of remembrance for a loved one or loved experience. I work to ensure each piece holds a special meaning by carefully combining healing gemstones and charms to create combinations that are inspirational and empowering!

I hope you enjoy my craft as much as I’ve enjoyed creating!